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 Aegis Fleet coming to eIMVU

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PostSubject: Aegis Fleet coming to eIMVU   20th January 2012, 6:59 am

There will be serveral large changes to the website over the next few weeks this will be due to out new group that we will be starting shortly, this is for all the sci fi fans out there, this group will be called Aegis fleet and is set in the not so far off future, the story and bio behind Aegis Fleet will be revealed in the coming weeks.

We will be putting alot of work into the group and will be posting regular updates on whats happening, you can join the group in advance of its release by contacting either me or FoxiLogan, some of the things to look forward to will include

Our own Unique Ships

I am currently working on making a fleet of new and never seen before ships with help from Foxi for the textures these will be truely amazing, these ships will include extiors interiois and mini avatar version (wil explain in later updates) Preview Below

New Unique Battle System
Unlike most text base battle systems (T1 ) combat will be using a updated version of our old RPVU Combat system Click here for more info
This will be the last thing to be worked on

Unique Uniforms
Foxi will be making some lovely new uniforms for us never seen before.

We will be having a ranking system with over 50 different ranks from cadet all the way up to Commander in Chief, these ranks will be viewable on the website and will show in your forum posts as well so everyone can see how hard you have worked,

This is all the information for now but keep posted for weekly update
All updates can be found Here

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Aegis Fleet coming to eIMVU

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